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Portugal is world-famous for its excellent surf spots.
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Portugal is the California of Europe

Portugal and the Atlantic Ocean are almost synonymous. Not only because of its long seafaring tradition, but also because of its proximity and dominance on daily life.
Suffice to say, in Portugal you're never too far away from the majestic Atlantic Ocean. And reaching it is super easy: just go west, and you're bound to end up on a beach.

Because of the Canaries current running the whole length of the coast, the water remains relatively cool year-round. With temps never exceeding 19°C and almost never dropping below 15°C as well.
This cool ocean water is actually a big plus in the summer, when temperatures inland can soar into the 30s. Because you'll be guaranteed to always find a place to refresh and invigorate yourself in the hot weather.

Portugal is also world-famous for its excellent surfing. Which is good news if you're a surfer or love to swim and play in the waves. But these year-round waves can be intimidating at times and not be everyone's cup of tea.
If this is the case, we recommend you look for the more sheltered ocean beaches or seek out the numerous lake beaches in the vicinity. They are here in this region as well.

To set you on your way, to find your own personal slice of watery bliss, we've listed for you 9 ocean beaches and lakes in the region.