Visit Castelo de Bodo dam and lake

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Castelo de Bodo dam and lake: combine lush nature with a visit to Portugal's largest dam

The Castelo de Bodo dam is the largest dam in Portugal. And it sits on the edge of a very large indented lake, surrounded by lush beautiful nature.

In the lake you can:

  • swim
  • kayak
  • SUP
  • wakeboard
  • take a boot trip to one of the islands

There are a few beaches around. But the most famous is Praia fluvial da Aldeia do Mato. It's close to the dam and town of Castelo de Bode and set among picturesque pine trees.

Around the lake there are of course also many options for walking and biking.

On your way to here, or on the way back, you can stop in quaint Tomar. Which lies only 14 km to the west of the dam.

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Castelo de Bodo dam seen from above.